What kind of ideas do I have?  I am anti-war, pro-free market, and unapolegetically minarchist to anarchist.  I desire a peaceful transition to a society where liberty is honored.  Such a society would have the smallest possible units of civil discourse, and as little government as possible…virtually none.

What is liberty, then?

  • It is the freedom to produce with one’s own labor what one wants to produce so long as another wishes to utilize that product or service
  • It is the right to keep the fruits of one’s own labor, to keep one’s own property
  • It is the inviolate right to do with one’s own body, whatever one chooses to do.
  • It is manifested by a complete respect for another’s property; this includes what others wish to do with their own lives
  • It’s centerpiece is nonviolence, except when one’s life or property are at risk

I am a recovering war-monger, who has seen the light of day.  He has taken the “red pill” (see The Matrix) and now exists outside the matrix, while still having to play within it.

The matrix is the State.  The state represents the opposite of liberty.  It is pro-war, anti-market, devours personal property, and seeks more and more power unless kept in check.  It steals from some, while doling the loot to others.  It validates war by professing safety and freedom.


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