Sociopathic Hyprocisy


Imagine being so important that you need armed guards who are authorized to kill, even if they think someone is a threat to you.  Now imagine believing this is true; that your life is so important, that you require an entire army of people with automatic weapons, assault rifles, grenades, drones, whatever it takes just to ensure that your life is protected.  This includes after (click here) you are the so called leader of the “free” world (imagine that, a LEADER of the FREE world…oxyMORONic)


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Now imagine that, simultaneously, you think that you have the right to decide whose life can be protected with this type of force, and whose life should not (click here).  Additionally, that you can restrict this ability for over 300 million by a decree (called an executive order in “newspeak”) made ONLY BY YOU, who should be allowed to defend themselves and who should not.

To have both beliefs, 1) that you deserve a lifetime army of protection, and 2) that you should limit others in this ability, seems hypocritical, no?  If you were to think this way, one might think you were a sociopath.  Of course power does corrupt, doesn’t it?

Who owns this assault weapons collection?  Hmmm...

Who owns this assault weapons collection? Hmmm…

Same issue, different hypocrite:  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo suggests that certain types of weapons are far too scary.  He says,“No one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer.”

While some people may need 10 bullets to kill a deer (and if I were a starving hunter, I would want the ability…I could eat around the pellets.  Now that I think about it, I would probably need more than 10), his implication is meant to imply that assault weapons are for killing people.  In this implication, he is basically correct.  So apparently, since this is true, that assault weapons (the ones that look scary) are meant for people, they should be banned.

To this I say, Mr. Governor, you first.  You must disarm your posse now, your collection of police, guards, and the National Guard, because we are not deer, either.  Nor am I a sheep.


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