Democracy Numbers: 2012 Presidential Election


According to this link, voter turnout was down in 2012 Election (article is a few months old, but I needed it for my math below).  A quote from the article:

“University’s Michael McDonald put the 2012 turnout rate at 60 percent of eligible voters. That figure was expected to be revised as more precincts reported and absentee votes were counted.”

Let’s see, time for “back of the napkin” math:

  • 50% of 60% = 30% for Obama and his ilk
  • 48% of 60% = 29% voted for Mitt and his cronies
  • 1% for Gary Johnson

So, 30% Democrats,  29% Republicans  41% None of the Above/Libertarian

That is of ELIGIBLE voters (not even registered eligible voters), which my source says (good enough) is about 207 million (of which, according to this only 150 mil are registered).  There are over 300 million in the United states.  I’m just saying.

Hmmm…so who has legitimacy?  I’m going with you…only you can govern yourself.